Preparing for Giving Birth

Preparing for Giving Birth

Making a list and preparing to give birth before going through labor carefully will help you be less surprised and confused when welcoming your baby. Here are some very helpful suggestions that a modern young mother needs to prepare.

Before the time of birth, you have quite a lot to do. In particular, preparing to give birth to mothers and babies is extremely important. There are many different things you need to prepare before birth for the process to go smoothly and you do not have to worry or embarrassment.

Things to prepare before birth

Items to bring at birth for the mother and baby have been prepared 1-2 months before. Here are 6 items to always have in the memory of parents at birth:

  • Mobile phone
  • Necessary documents (types of records, antenatal books, test results, pregnancy ultrasound from the date of commencement of prenatal care …)
  • Cash
  • Personal belongings of accompanying relatives
  • Camera or camcorder to record your first birth

Prepare newborn clothes for babies

There are plenty of baby toys, moms need to make a specific list to avoid missing something!


  • Shirt for newborns: minimum 10 small sizes, 10 larger sizes
  • Cloth diapers (glued on 2 sides): 10 on the smallest sizes, 10 on the next sizes
  • Diaper pads to attach to cloth diapers: 1 newborn pack 1 (babies grow up quickly so they do not need to buy many newborn 1), many newborn 2 packs (average of 8-10 pieces a day will use)
  • Diapers (wearing when going to bed, going out for vaccination): 2 packs
  • Socks, socks: 10 pairs
  • Hats for babies: 5 pieces
  • Large towels (to wrap the baby, put the baby on the head, dry after bathing): more than 10 pieces
  • Small, soft milk towels: 20 small ones + 30 big ones (when you breastfeed, wipe babies, etc.)
  • Baby buttocks when lying down (1 layer of towels attached 1 layer of impermeable nylon): Long rectangular/large squares: more than 15 pieces
  • Bibs (sleepover babies’ breasts): 10 pieces
  • Long-sleeved cotton jacket with a large, conical hat: Put on the baby when going out and getting vaccinated

Prenatal preparation for these items can be done from the beginning of pregnancy to the date of birth.

Dining substances

  • 1 mini bottle, soft rubber pacifier: Breastfeed your baby in the first days without breast milk, then make your baby drink water
  • 1 medium-sized milk bottle with glass, big neck (later combined to make a cup of baby powder)
  • Cups + spoons for babies to drink water (use things available in the house)
  • 1 box of the formula for babies from 0 months: Feed your baby when breast milk has not come down yet
  • Thermos/bottle to keep warm: Get warm water mixed with baby milk, warm water for mothers to drink

Cleaning stuff

  • Bottle rinse: Do not choose a metal core because it can rust, do not buy the type with a tip on it because it is often torn, fell off only the front core is difficult to clean the bottom of the bottle.
  • A long tube with a hole underneath + a cupboard that supports your baby to bathe your baby (like a dad chair, or hammock attached to a tub)
  • Round basin with water for 2nd flushing + shift/ladle (because babies cannot shower yet, warm pots must be kept)
  • Small round basin for washing towels
  • Dirty basins for washing
  • Leaky tongue: 40 pieces (when the child is over 18 months, the doctor still advises me to continue to tongue the baby to limit sore throat)
  • Navel bandages: 10 pieces (about 2 boxes)
  • Wet paper towels: 1 large box / or 2 small boxes
  • Baby cotton swab sticks: Wipe gently outside the ear + ear after bathing
  • Sterile cotton swab: use an alcohol wipe to navel after bathing
  • Saline eye drops, nose for babies: 10 vials
  • 1 spray of seawater to spray for less than 3 months: Use when the runny nose or after going out
  • Nasal suction: type has 2 long heads, 1 head to the baby’s nostrils, 1 head for mothers to smoke
  • Thermometer: measure the temperature of a baby when a fever is suspected, or follow up after immunization
  • 70 degrees alcohol (wipe the navel after bathing, the navel is not shed)
  • Povidone: Antiseptic, applied to the umbilical cord when not falling out, sometimes when the baby has some chrome grain on the butt, I also apply a few times to avoid the chrome stain-causing infection.
  • Diaper rash cream (do not use talcum powder): It is best to only use baby pads for the first 1-2 months, then practices peeing
  • Eucalyptus / or Eucalyptus Oil: If your baby is out of the house, before going to bed, apply a little to the soles of the feet to avoid the wind (do not apply baby oil because of skin burning)
  • Baby shampoo and bath

Other miscellaneous items

  • Medium-sized basket to the head of the bed
  • Thin mats for babies lying down, with burlap if they are ready for summer delivery
  • Clothes hangers for babies: 20 small hooks, 1 clothesline hanging

Preparing the birth map for the pregnant mother

Not so many miscellaneous items as a baby’s, the maternity birthright only includes about 9 essential items:

  • Long-sleeved button buttons (should not wear pullovers because it is difficult to breastfeed), pants: 4-5 sets
  • Stockings: 4-5 pairs
  • Slipper
  • Sanitary pads for pregnant women: 1 pack (already given 1 pack to the hospital)
  • Paper underwear: some (received 1 pack from the hospital)
  • Powdered milk or fresh milk
  • Glass cup (mix milk / hot water to quickly pour into breast milk) + spoon
  • Fresh turmeric (used when going home, applying face + body)
  • Eczema / Eucalyptus oil: Apply to the feet, behind the ears after a warm bath

Unnecessary items when giving birth 

During the prenatal preparation, not everything is necessary. Here are things you may not need to prepare before giving birth:

  • Hand blender
  • Set of baby blankets and pillows
  • Type 2 hug pillows with pads connected in the middle
  • Cradle bed: It’s easier for babies to share a bed than for a cradle, usually fewer babies are willing to lie in a cradle
  • Infant shoes: Not necessary because babies use socks with their feet out and rarely

Note the more detailed the prenatal preparation, the more specific you will be assured.

Time to prepare the delivery basket

Starting in the second trimester, moms can start shopping for baby clothes. In the first 3 months of pregnancy is still too early, at this time it is more important to rest, to avoid exercise. Period 8-9 months should arrange furniture “times” is just. At this time, the belly is also big, heavy walking, sitting carefully prepared according to the list of newborn items is the most reasonable.

Preparing a baby for birth for the first time always comes with a lot of trouble in the organization and remembering. Plus goldfish brain status during pregnancy more tired. At this time, don’t forget that your pregnant mother also has a husband and a relative! Ask for help when you feel exhausted.