Last 3 Months of Pregnancy

Last 3 Months of Pregnancy

Entering the 7th month, the pregnant mother is preparing to finish, and to be ready for a safe “passing”, many pregnant women who want to know the last 3 months of pregnancy should note what?

Fetal development in the last 3 months

During pregnancy, babies gain weight fast. From 28-32 weeks, each week your baby can increase by 500 grams. From week 32-36, the weight gain decreases to 250 grams/week. Week 38-40, the fetus averages 3,000-3500 grams.

In the last 3 months, your baby’s digestive system forms green matter caused by dead cells, secretions in the intestine, liver formed. These substances will be excreted when the baby is born called meconium.

From weeks 35-37, the baby turns his head to the bottom of his mother’s pelvis, stabilizes the pregnancy. This is a convenient location, suitable for the baby to be born.

The change of pregnant women in late pregnancy

During this period, the mother elected to walk poorly because of rapid weight gain. The belly is much larger than the previous months due to the enlarged uterus. At this time, the uterus presses on other organs in the body, which makes the pregnant mother tired. Closer to the due date, the pregnant belly drops quickly because the fetus turns to get ready to “go out”.

Due to weight gain, women began to experience stretch marks in the abdomen, hips, thighs, breasts. Skin pigmentation changes due to increased secretion of hormones estrogen and progesterone causing the neck, armpits, groin, and nipples to become dark; Some women have melasma. These phenomena will go away on their own after giving birth, so mothers don’t need to worry.

The process of blood circulation takes place strongly, causing pregnant women to experience varicose veins, floating blood vessels.

The hormonal changes cause the kidneys to hold salt, salt is deposited in the body causing edema. That is the reason why hands, feet, face of many pregnant women look noticeably swollen. If women gain weight too quickly, excessive edema needs to be examined to prevent the risk of fetal toxicity, pre-eclampsia.

In the last 3 months of pregnancy, women may experience morning sickness again with nausea, yellow skin, and fatigue due to impaired secretion of bile. Some women have a very uncomfortable tingling sensation due to weakened liver function.

General notes to remember for pregnant women in the 3rd trimester

To be ready for the journey to welcome the baby, the last 3 months of pregnancy should pay attention to what are important issues for the mother to consider.

Join the activities

The reminder for the last 3 months of pregnancy should pay attention to what makes pregnant women cautious to limit their daily activities. This is why you have misunderstood, you should only limit going away in the weeks close to the due date because labor can occur suddenly. On the contrary, being physically active will help women give birth more smoothly.

Exercises such as yoga, meditation, walking, and swimming can both improve pregnancy health and help reduce stress and treat certain conditions that occur during pregnancy, such as body aches.

Also, you should actively meet, talk with friends, confide with your husband and relatives to relieve psychological stress, avoid pregnancy depression easily encountered during the late pregnancy, especially women decided to leave their jobs at the maternity home

Attending prenatal classes will help you gain more experience and knowledge during labor and care for your newborn later.

Teaching children from the womb

In the last 3 months of pregnancy, the fetal brain has developed strongly, the baby can memorize and listen well, so this is an appropriate time to carry out the pregnancy, to help bond the affection between parents and as well as early education for children from the womb.

Regular pregnancy check-ups

Regular prenatal check-up in the last 3 months helps to promptly detect signs of obstetric complications (if any). From 27-36 weeks, pregnant women should have prenatal care every 2 weeks. From week 36 to birth, check-up once a week.

Prepare for the day of birth

In the last month of pregnancy, women need to have all items ready for delivery; choose a maternity hospital or a midwife. Usually, hospitals will ask pregnant women to give birth records from 36 weeks onwards.

The decision on the name at home, the birth name for the child should also be done during the last pregnancy.

You need to arrange gradually hand over the work is done at the agency to the successor. Keeping in touch with the agency’s maternity insurance manager will help you a lot.

You should take advantage of rest whenever possible, relax mentally to make mothers happy and happy to facilitate the process of childbirth.