Jeana McDonough

BIO Jeana is currently the Senior Director of National Events at entertainment giant iHeartMedia. She started with the company when iHeartRadio was just beginning, and a large part of her role was to create the platforms that would bring the new brand to life to consumers and clients alike. Four and a half years later, Jeana has been instrumental in the success of iHeartRadio’s growth and exposure. On a daily basis, she is responsible for conceptualizing and producing all of the ancillary events that take place around iHeartRadio’s original events on a national level. She produces the company’s B2B event activations as well. Prior to her current job at iHeartMedia, Jeana was with MTV Networks for nine years where she grew within the company coordinating events and experiences at the MTV Video Music Awards, MTV Movie Awards, CMT Music Awards, Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards and BET Awards, to name only a few. Jeana is incredibly passionate about events, and when not planning them professionally, is planning them personally for family and friends whether be bridal and baby showers, or birthday celebrations. When Jeana isn’t planning events, you can find her in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn where she lives with her husband. Their first baby is due in August.

WHAT BIG PROJECT ARE YOU WORKING ON? iHeartRadio’s biggest event of the year, the iHeartRadio Music Festival, takes place annually in September in Las Vegas, NV. My role in the Music Festival is to plan and execute all of the ancillary events that take place around the festival weekend. I have been working on it for months and will be doing so right up until my baby’s anticipated arrival time at the end of August. After that, I will have a team that will take over in my absence to execute onsite. In addition to the pre-planning, it’s my job to set that team up for success.

HOW HAS PREGNANCY AFFECTED YOUR PROFESSIONAL GOALS? Short term speaking, pregnancy has forced me to work ahead in a way I’ve never been able to. With an incredibly busy work schedule, it is often impossible to work ahead on projects as one would typically prefer. However with a due date in sight, that thought process changes, and while it’s still difficult to work ahead you must find the time to make it happen in order to remain successful in your role. It adds pressure for sure. But it can be done. Long term speaking, pregnancy has forced me to look at the larger picture of juggling a career and a family. I haven’t had my baby yet, so this question might be better suited for after I do. However, the way I’m viewing it is that I’ll be sorting priorities differently. If a large event and the timelines surrounding it were considered critical and/or a priority before, those will take a back seat to the ability to be present at home before anything else. That won’t make me any less committed or successful to my job, there will just be a switch in priorities.

ADVICE FOR OTHER CAREER-MINDED WOMEN WHO LOVE “THE HUSTLE” & WHO ARE ALSO THINKING ABOUT STARTING A FAMILY? A career helps shape you as a woman, but starting and building a family will define you as a woman. They can live in harmony together as long as you can keep your priorities in order. Or at least that’s the attitude I’m entering this next phase of life with. Ask me in 5 years 🙂

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