How to Care for a Newborn Just Within 24 Hours

How to Care for a Newborn Just Within 24 Hours

Within the first 24 hours after birth, is there any special treatment for newborn babies? What do mothers need to help children adapt well to the outside environment? Reference now offline!

If nothing abnormal, the baby is born healthy, safe, baby will be transferred to the mother after medical supervision for the first few hours. The care for the new born baby now will be completely done by parents. Doctors and nurses only provide assistance in cases of necessity or special problems with the health of mother and baby.

1. Keep your baby warm

When in the womb, the baby has an environment with an ideal temperature. When outside, the temperature changes so the body has to adapt itself. At this time, the mechanism to adapt to body temperature is still very poor, children need to be kept warm immediately and continuously. After body hygiene, baby pants are dried, warmed to avoid hypothermia.

Room temperature of the baby should be maintained at 26-32 degrees C. Infants should always be in warm arms, receive comfort, shelter from mother. In addition, if your baby wets diapers or diapers, they need to be replaced immediately, dry and wear new diapers, diapers to avoid getting cold and other skin problems.

2. Breastfeeding

Immediately after birth, infants need to be breastfed. Breast milk provides enough nutrients, water, especially antibodies to help your baby fight disease. At the same time, breast milk also helps babies feel warm, more secure. Moreover, breastmilk during this period is mostly colostrum. Colostrum (which is a yellow solution) contains important immune and mild laxative effects that cleanse the baby’s intestines, and also contains protein and fat for the first breastfeeds.

Mother’s things to note

The teaching of newborn babies is very small, only contains 30-90ml per breastfeed. In the first 24 hours, every 2-3 hours, a mother can breastfeed once.

Do not lie while breastfeeding, because it is easy to choke milk.

3. How to take care of a newborn baby: Carry your baby properly

Babies’ bones are still very soft, especially for newborns. Therefore, mothers should be very careful when holding children. Note that one hand supports the head and neck, the other supports the buttocks and tries to hold the baby close. Cuddling and caressing will help make the connection between mother and baby better, while also stimulating the senses to develop.

If the baby is placed on a bed, the mother should not use too soft or too hard mattress or too high head pillow, because it will adversely affect the baby’s bone development. Absolutely not hold, shake the baby or give the cradle too strong.

4. How to take care of newborn babies : Pay attention to the changing times of diapers

Within the first 24 hours after birth, an average baby may need 5-6 diapers or more, depending on the condition. Compared to formula, breast milk is easier to digest. Therefore, breastfed babies may need to go to the toilet more often.

Mothers should note that infants’ feces during this period are usually dense, dark-colored or yellowish. This is called meconium, mothers need not worry. Only when the baby is found to have white or red spots, does the mother need to notify the doctor.