How to Bring down a Fever in a Child

How to Bring down a Fever in a Child

Fever is a condition where a baby’s body temperature rises above 37.5 degrees Celsius, making him feel anorexic, tired, or fussy, etc. When a baby has a fever below 39 degrees C, his mother can handle it by himself. methods to reduce fever at home and regularly monitor body temperature for timely remedies. Here are ways to reduce fever for baby fast and safe mother can refer.

Ways to reduce fever for baby quickly and safely

Fever is a common symptom in young baby due to many different reasons such as teething, changing weather, infections, newly vaccinated baby, etc. In cases of baby with mild and moderate fever, the mother only needs Use measures to reduce fever for baby at home without taking them to the hospital.

Here are ways to reduce fever for baby very quickly and safely, mother can apply to lower body temperature, help baby feel more comfortable:

1. Let baby drink plenty of water

Drinking plenty of water is one of the ways to reduce baby’s fever very quickly and safely. When baby have a fever, their body will lose a lot of water.

In addition, mothers can also let baby use rehydration and electrolyte preparations through oral route such as oresol, hydrite. This will have the effect of rehydration and electrolytes for baby, help purify the body and lower the number better. In the case of babys, the mother should breastfeed more and more often.

2. Wipe warm water to cool the baby’s body

Using warm water to wipe the baby cool body is one of the ways to reduce fever is very safe. The temperature inside the water will have the effect of dilating the vascular system and cooling the body. To ensure the effectiveness, the mother should cool the baby according to the following instructions:


  • Take off all clothes on the baby’s body.
  • Get a small towel soaked in warm water and drain.
  • Place the towel on places like the armpits and sides of the baby’s groin.
  • Use another clean towel, dip the water to dry and then wipe the baby.
  • Apply this method for about 40 minutes until the baby’s body returns to normal temperature.How to Bring down a Fever in a Child

    3. Supplement vitamin C to baby

    When baby have maternal fever, they should increase vitamin C supplementation for babies. Ingredients vitamin C has a very good effect on health, helping to improve resistance and increase resistance against external harmful agents. Some fruits that are rich in vitamin C can be used to squeeze water for babies to drink such as oranges, grapefruit, etc. In addition, mothers can also let baby use some chilled fruits to help provide water and make water. calming the baby’s body like grapes, watermelon, dragon fruit, …

    4. Put baby in loose and cool clothes and thin towels

    When baby have a fever, mothers should not wear thick clothes or thick blankets will cause the baby’s body temperature to rise. In cases where your baby has a fever but still works normally and does not significantly affect daily life, you do not need to give your baby medication. Mother let the baby wear loose, cool clothes will work to reduce heat and reduce fever.

    Ideally, mothers should use a thin bucket towel to wrap around the baby’s body will have a very effective antipyretic effect. Besides, moms can also use fever reducing stickers for baby to help them feel more comfortable. You can easily get a fever-reducing sticker right at a pharmacy or a large pharmacy.

    5. Bathe your baby

    Medicine has researched and proved, bathing baby is one of the ways to help cool the body very effectively. However, when bathing, mothers need to follow proper techniques to ensure safety for babies.

    You should bathe your baby in a well-ventilated room, take a hot bath with a temperature lower than about 3 degrees Celsius. After the shower is complete, use a clean towel to dry up and wear cool clothes for baby. The warm bath will help the baby’s body to relax, sleep better and deeper sleep helps the recovery process go better.

    6. Wrap wet socks around ankles

    Using wet socks to wrap around the ankles is a quick and effective way to reduce baby’s fever. At first, your baby will feel very uncomfortable but after only a short time the body will reduce heat quickly.


    • Take two cotton socks dipped in cold water and squeezed.
    • Wrap socks around ankles for baby.
    • When the socks are all cold, continue to soak them in water and wrap them in the baby’s feet.
    • Apply the method continuously until the baby’s body cools down and stops.How to Bring down a Fever in a Child

      7. Massage with olive oil

      Olive oil is a raw material has a very good effect on health and has a very effective antipyretic effect. Using olive oil for a full body massage is a safe and effective method of reducing fever for baby under 2 months old.


      • Take a moderate amount of olive oil into your hands and massage your body.
      • After that, please wear a cotton outfit for baby, long sleeves to sleep through the night.
      • When you wake up in the morning, shower and wipe away the olive oil on your baby’s body.

      8. Reduce fever with natural medicines

      Using natural remedies to reduce fever for baby is a very safe and benign method. The active ingredient inside these herbs will work to cool down and fight off the fever effectively. Here are ways to reduce fever with lemon, peppermint and aloe vera that you can refer and apply at home:

      Apply fresh lemon

      Using fresh lemon to reduce fever for baby is a method used by many people at home and is effective for even cases of baby with high fever from 39 to 40 degrees. However, when performing the mother should avoid rubbing to avoid open wounds or baby’s itchy skin. The acid on the inside of the side will make your baby feel hurt and sore.


      • Take a washed lemon and cut into thin slices.
      • Use a piece of lemon to rub the baby’s forehead, spine, elbows and legs.
      • Leave it on for about 5 minutes then wipe it off with a clean towel.

      Drink mint leaf water

      Using mint leaves to squeeze water for baby to drink will have a cooling effect quickly, from which the fever will be repelled.


      • Get 5 grams of mint leaves washed, soaked in dilute salt water to disinfect.
      • After 15 minutes, remove mint leaves, wash with water and drain.
      • Put mint leaves in a blender puree with 200ml of water.
      • Then squeeze the remaining juice, discard the residue.
      • Pour some honey into mint leaf water and stir well.
      • Divide the amount of water collected into 3-4 parts for your baby to use during the day.

      Massage with aloe vera

      Using aloe vera to gently massage the baby’s body will help them feel more comfortable, aloe vera gel will help cool the body and cool down quickly. The way to do it is very simple, you can follow the instructions below:


      • Take a leaf of aloe vera and wash it off.
      • Remove the outer hard shell with a knife and remove the inner gel.
      • Use aloe vera gel to gently apply to the baby’s feet, hands, forehead and back.
      • Do a gentle massage to get a quick effect.How to Bring down a Fever in a Child

        9. Use fever-reducing medicines

        Using antipyretic drugs is a very effective method, usually applied to baby with a fever higher than 39 degrees C. Parents can give Paracetamol single orally in the form of syrup or packet. The drug will have a quick antipyretic effect after only 30 minutes of use and cause few unwanted side effects.

        However, when using, parents should give baby the right dose with the prescribed dose of 10 – 15mg / kg body weight / time, after 4 hours if the baby has a fever, they can continue to use the drug but not more than 60mg / kg body weight / day.

        When giving any type of fever-reducing medicine, the mother should consult with experts and read the instructions carefully before use.

        Some notes when caring for baby with fever at home

        When a baby has a fever, the mother should note the following to help the fever be repelled quickly, avoiding the situation of a higher fever that is life-threatening:

        • When a baby has a fever, moms should not warm or wear too much clothes for baby. Instead, let the mother wear clothes that are cool and have good absorbency so that the baby’s body can radiate easily.
        • When taking care of baby, mothers should let baby lie in a well-ventilated, clean and comfortable place, and baby should not be kept in airtight and air-tight rooms. Never use ice, cold water or alcohol to apply to a baby’s body.
        • Mother should be careful when applying folk remedies to reduce fever for baby, these remedies have not been scientifically recognized for their effectiveness and can cause unwanted side effects.
        • Mothers should supplement the baby with nutrients by feeding babies regularly or feeding babies with nutritious porridge. This will work very well for your baby, preventing him from being exhausted.
        • Restrict baby to use foods high in fat, foods with too much fiber, fried foods, hot spicy foods, … Absolutely not let baby use aspirin to reduce fever, the drug can cause injury. to the baby’s brain leading to Reye’s syndrome.
        • If your baby has a fever below 38.5 degrees, you can apply methods to reduce fever at home and monitor closely. In cases where your baby has a fever of over 38.5 degrees, a fever lasting more than 3 days, or accompanied by a seizure, it is best to take your baby to a specialist to conduct an examination for appropriate treatment instructions.


        Above are ways to reduce fever for baby very safe, effective mother can refer and apply at home. Hopefully, the information we share above will help mothers in caring for baby and fighting off the fever, helping them feel more comfortable. However, in cases of prolonged fever and abnormal symptoms, the mother is best to take the baby to see a specialist to conduct an examination for appropriate treatment instructions.