Choosing the Best Deodorants and Perfumes for Pregnancy

Choosing the Best Deodorants and Perfumes for Pregnancy

You don’t just wear perfume and deodorant to smell good, but you also do this to feel good. The scents that you prefer during pre-pregnancy may not be the best for you and your baby, however. As not all regular commercially available fragrances and deodorants are not made equal, you won’t be getting the same benefit if you opt for a scent won’t do you any better in the long run. Choose the right products to use, whether it be the best deodorant for pregnancy, fragrances, or just about anything that will touch your skin or get absorbed through your skin.

The process of selecting which would be the best perfume or deodorant for you does not end at each product packaging, however. Remember that the label may not say it all. Moreover, commercially made scents are normally formulated with toxic chemicals. These harmful chemicals can be absorbed through the bloodstream and other body organs and may lead to pregnancy complications, so you need to be very careful when choosing the best scent or deodorant from those that are available for you to use.

The length the exposure to these toxic ingredients also counts. Since fragrances and deodorants are applied every day and remain on the skin throughout the day, it is quite easy for the substances that touch your skin to go deep into your system. In addition to this, pregnancy makes one heavy with a baby to have a very sensitive sense of smell. This oversensitivity to certain scents can cause nausea and headaches whenever they apply strong fragrances and deodorants.

Does it mean that you should not use fragrances and deodorants while you are pregnant?

Pregnancy symptoms vary from one woman to another. Majority of pregnant women show some aversion to certain scents just as they do have a tendency to dislike certain taste and experiences. Even then, the use of personal hygiene and beauty products, such as fragrances and scents, are considered generally safe during pregnancy. Most doctors agree that the chemicals contained in the deodorants and perfumes just stay on the epidermis or the skin’s surface. Most health experts also agree that not enough toxins may be absorbed through the skin even in the presence of minor cuts on the skin’s surface, hence cannot cause any substantial damage to either the expecting mom and her baby.

If you are pregnant, you still need to be cautious of the products that you use since there could just be one or two that may cause an allergic reaction when applied on your skin. It is best to go with products that are made from organic raw materials. If you have any questions about a particular ingredient indicated in a product label, seek your doctor’s advise before buying or using that product.

Fragrances and Deodorants that You Should Not Use

Here are some of the products that you should stay away from while you are pregnant: camphor, aniseed, pennyroyal, birch, wintergreen, and sage essential oils.

Chemicals like parabens, BHA, silica, sodium lauryl sulfate, petroleum by-products, propylene glycol, coal tars, triclosan, polyethylene/pegs, and formaldehyde are also considered unsafe during pregnancy.

What fragrances and deodorants should you use?

Go for deodorants that are labeled as aluminum-free since aluminum-based compounds have been linked to a higher risk of neurological problems, such as Alzheimer’s disease, gene instability, as well as breast cancer.

It will also be best to opt for unscented perfumes and deodorants instead. Fragrances, as well as those labeled as synthetic fragrances, are known to be hormone disruptors and may cause potential harm to you and your baby.

It is also safer to limit your use of fragrances and deodorants. Always go for products that are made of all natural ingredients to stay on the safer side.

Some of these alternative natural fragrances are as follows: cinnamon, cucumber, balsam, cocoa butter, hibiscus, cranberry, passion fruit, citrus oil, peach, lilac, cherry, lemon mint leaf, tea tree oil, rosemary oil, honey apple, chamomile, and spearmint.

Don’t take chances, consult a doctor if you see these signs

Even when you use products that contain natural ingredients it will still be possible that you may experience an allergic reaction, a headache, choking, or see rashes on portions of your skin where the product was applied or sprayed on. Don’t take chances. If you experience any of these adverse reactions, consult a doctor right away.

As always, it is better to be safe than sorry. Don’t take the risk. Consider these recommendations to stay safe during your pregnancy.