Can You Use Body Wash While Pregnant?

Should pregnant women use body wash? Before having a baby, many women still had the habit of choosing some favorite body wash without hesitation. However, when pregnant mothers should be very careful. What body wash should be used? is the question of many mothers today.

During pregnancy, the female body is very sensitive, so even bathing is not as simple as usual. So should pregnant women use body wash?

During pregnancy, pregnant women should limit the use or not use cosmetics such as lipstick, powder, body lotion, body wash … because more or less, cosmetics are all chemical products. Negative impact on you and your baby.

For body wash, these products often contain chemicals such as: Mineral oil (Mineral oil), aromatherapy (Fragrance), Paraben, Sodium Laurel Sulfate, Phenoxyethanol, Phthalates, Avobenzone, Benzophenone, PABA, Propylene Glycol (PG ) / Butylene Glycol, Quaternium -15, Triclosan, Benzoyl Peroxide, Talc (talc, mineral powder), …

The above components are all recommended to adversely affect the health of the mother and fetus. This makes many people worry that pregnant women should use body wash?

Therefore, pregnant mothers should remember that if it is not necessary, it is best to bathe with warm water only, especially for pregnant women who have trouble sleeping, but if they still want to use body wash, they should choose a safe body wash for pregnant women.

What should pregnant women use body wash? Criteria for choosing a safe body wash

The criterion is that pregnant women should choose a body wash with a moderate pH. Some unsuitable body washs can make your skin dry and itchy, so choose a non-irritating body wash (suitable for even sensitive skin).

Currently, on the market there are some types of body wash specifically for pregnant women, in the composition of some essential oils, natural grass is very good for pregnant women. You can buy these products to use.

So pregnant women should use body wash? Best to ensure the safety of both you and the fetus, you should also avoid lotions, lotions and lotions because it is not good for the normal development of the fetus.

In particular, you should avoid lotions or skin care products that contain high levels of alkalinity. You also should not abuse the type of cleaning solution because they can change the natural pH environment of the vagina.

At the same time, for safe bathing, you should avoid long hot showers in the shower or long baths in the tub. This will only make your skin dry out quickly and may cause itching. So pregnant women should not use body wash? Then you absolutely can use body wash offline. However, you must carefully choose the ingredients in a safe body wash for both you and your baby.

The best and safest body wash for pregnant women today

After getting the answer for pregnant women should use body wash, the question that many mothers are concerned about the most is what should they use? Here are some suggestions for moms:

Bubchen Mama Creme-Dusche

  • Bubchen is a great answer to the question of Pregnant women should use body wash. Because this is a long-standing famous German brand specializing in manufacturing products for mothers and babies such as stretch marks, anti-diaper cream, massage oil.
  • Medical tested by the association “Skin and allergy of Germany”. Naturally extracted from natural grass flower oils: magnolia, lilac, wild rose, jojoba essential oil … helps skin to be elastic, firm, moisturized, smooth …
  •  None: preservative, coloring, flavoring agent, mineral oil …

Belli Pure & Pampered Body Wash

  • Belli is a brand from the US with skin care products specifically for pregnant women. Belli’s products are all made with absolutely benign ingredients, free of harmful chemicals. This is a reliable brand for pregnant mothers.
  • Natural ingredients with cucumber extract, green tea have a moisture-balancing effect, anti-oxidant helps to gently clean, brighten the skin; Lavender oil, chrysanthemum … help relax, eliminate fatigue. If you still have questions about what body wash you should use, you should be aware of this body wash.

Puresh Pregna Care

  • Pregnant women should use what body wash? Then you can refer to Puresh Pregna Care body wash. This is a product line designed specifically for pregnant women, focusing on protecting the health of the fetus.
  • The ingredients of this body wash are mainly of natural origin, extracted from quinoa seeds, fig seeds, berries, mushrooms … plus ingredients from amino acids that help cleanse the skin, prevent oxidation, increase moisture. and skin restoration … This is a great option for pregnant mothers.

The Body Shop body wash

As a well-known British cosmetic company, The Body Shop Brand is known for its community-based and natural campaigns.

Pregnant women should not use this body wash, the mother assured home. By all ingredients from nature to help balance moisture, smooth skin, firm, reduce stress … Very suitable for pregnant mothers with dry, cracked skin, working sitting much conditioning.

Should pregnant women use body wash? If carelessly choose an unsafe body wash for pregnant women, it is very dangerous. Many people like that don’t use it for the best! There is no need to worry that body wash will harm you and your baby. The problem is, can you only take plain water during pregnancy? Definitely not possible. So choose the safest body wash for pregnant women!