Can I Use Any Shampoo During Pregnancy

Can I Use Any Shampoo During Pregnancy?

Pregnant women should use shampoo is what many pregnant women are interested. Choosing the right shampoo to ensure a smooth hair does not affect health is not easy.

Pregnancy is a time when women’s hormones change – the main cause of hair problems. If not bathing properly can affect the health of both mother and fetus. So choosing which shampoo is one of the issues that many mothers are interested in.

Which shampoo should pregnant women use?

During pregnancy, women should avoid contact with chemicals that affect health. This is a period when the female body is very sensitive. Organic, natural conditioner-made shampoo products are the best answer to wonder what shampoo should use. Because these products are very safe, have a natural scent, helping to balance the PH in the hair, giving you a bobbing, smooth hair. So which shampoo should pregnant women use?

Safe, no chemicals

What shampoo should pregnant women use? Common shampoos often contain chemicals such as odium Laureth Sulfate, TetraSodium EDTA. These are all substances that can be harmful to health if abused, reducing the ability to focus, asthma. But for shampoo products from nature, it does not contain any toxic chemicals such as pesticides, pesticides during cultivation, no petroleum-extracting ingredients, colorings, odors. Therefore, the health of pregnant women and children will be absolutely protected.

Natural scent

What shampoo should pregnant women use? Pregnant women should use shampoos with natural scents from organic products, this is also the answer to the question of what shampoo pregnant women should use?

Organic shampoos are 100% natural so they are safe for the health of users because they are scents of leaves and fruits.

Supply many nutrients to hair

What shampoo should pregnant women use? The nutrients in organic shampoo will give pregnant women a sleek, healthy hair. Because in organic shampoos are high in vitamins and antioxidants, helping the hair to absorb nutrients well without breaking the protective film available.

Some notes when shampooing during pregnancy

In addition to paying attention to what pregnant women should use shampoos, dandruff shampoo good , pregnant women also need to pay attention to some notes during the shampooing process as well. During pregnancy, the female body has many changes. Therefore, living habits also need to be adjusted to fit, including shampooing. Mothers, please keep in mind the following notes.

Shampoo time

Health experts recommend that pregnant women should not squat or stand for too long because it will affect the lower uterus. Therefore, whether sitting or standing shampooing, women must do it quickly to avoid affecting the fetus.

Shampoo temperature

Do not wash your hair with very hot or cold water but instead wash with warm water to relax the scalp and do not cause headaches.

Dry your hair at a moderate temperature

Should dry hair after shampooing hair to dry quickly, do not let water soak into the scalp too long. You should not dry your hair at high temperatures because it will make it more vulnerable. At the same time, you should not put the dryer too close, the minimum distance is 15cm.

Use natural hair conditioners

Besides, do not forget to add nutrients to the hair from natural products. You can use coconut oil, olive oil, honey, and aloe vera to condition your hair. These products are completely natural so they will not harm both mother and baby. Just apply a layer of nourishment and blow dry your hair will become shiny.

Notes on hair care during pregnancy and postpartum

Choose a simple hairstyle

What shampoo should pregnant women use? After the birth, the pregnant mother will become busy when most of the time is devoted to caring for the baby, choosing a simple hairstyle with the hair cut not too short will help the hair from being tangled a lot.

No bending, stretching, dyeing during pregnancy and postpartum

In drugs used to bend, stretch, dye often contain many chemicals. For people with normal condition, easy to affect the hair, the common is the breakage, weak and increasingly thinning hair. Mothers will also suffer the consequences like this but on a more and deeper level, the hair will become more fragile, weaker than normal people. In addition, the chemicals in these drugs have been known to affect maternal and fetal health for a long time.

Use natural leaves to treat scalp problems

Especially for the problem of hair loss, most pregnant women often encounter, the types of leaves used to treat from folk people are also effective but take a long time, not everyone perseveres to use the remedy. This method is permanent.

Choose a special shampoo for each scalp problem: hair loss, dandruff, mushrooms, weak hair from natural sources

During pregnancy and pregnancy and postpartum, mothers should absolutely avoid cosmetics containing chemicals, so choose a shampoo for pregnant women with organic origin, shampoo for pregnant women extracted from essential oils matter. Both help the treatment process effectively and help prevent hair from drying out and especially above all, the safety and benignness.

Nutritional supplements, especially protein

During pregnancy and postpartum, the body has many changes, providing adequate nutrients not only good for mother and baby.