How to Care for a Newborn Just Within 24 Hours

Within the first 24 hours after birth, is there any special treatment for newborn babies? What do mothers need to help children adapt well to the outside environment? Reference now offline! If nothing abnormal, the baby is born healthy, safe, baby will be transferred to the mother after medical supervision for the first few hours. The care forRead more ⟶

Last 3 Months of Pregnancy

Entering the 7th month, the pregnant mother is preparing to finish, and to be ready for a safe “passing”, many pregnant women who want to know the last 3 months of pregnancy should note what? Fetal development in the last 3 months During pregnancy, babies gain weight fast. From 28-32 weeks, each week your babyRead more ⟶

Preparing for Giving Birth

Making a list and preparing to give birth before going through labor carefully will help you be less surprised and confused when welcoming your baby. Here are some very helpful suggestions that a modern young mother needs to prepare. Before the time of birth, you have quite a lot to do. In particular, preparing toRead more ⟶

Can You Use Body Wash While Pregnant?

Should pregnant women use body wash? Before having a baby, many women still had the habit of choosing some favorite body wash without hesitation. However, when pregnant mothers should be very careful. What body wash should be used? is the question of many mothers today. During pregnancy, the female body is very sensitive, so even bathing is not asRead more ⟶